Bread ideal for Diabeties and Heart Disease

Bread ideal for Diabeties and Heart Disease

100% wholegrains

Sugar free

No free fat

Two grain mixture for better protein content

No Preservatives

Pre-baking weight is 700mg

Has added flax seed to boost omega 3 content

A wholesome loaf made with wheat, oats, small amounts of dates and crushed flax seeds. Excellent for diabetics and people suffering from heart disease. Please call the day before collection to order your loaves. Collect bread on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday afternoons.

Other types of Breads available are:

Banana-Date-Walnut Bread

Almond-Date Bread

Cinnamon Rolls

Raisin-Walnut Bread

Spelt Bread [Through special orders & on Wednesdays only]

To order or for more information: 64387118

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chinese New Year special!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, enjoy this festive with delicious yet healthy goodies! At Genesis, our home-made vegetarian cookies has no butter or margarine, no cholesterol, 50-100% wholemeal, reduced fats and sugar, no eggs or milk and aluminum-free baking powder.

Whole grains are believed to be nutritionally superior to refined grains, richer in dietary fiber, antioxidants, protein, dietary minerals (including magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and selenium), and vitamins (including niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin E).

Excess aluminium in the diet may be detrimental to human health, and so baking powders are available without it for people who are concerned and those sensitive to the taste. With that in mind, Genesis' cookies are made with aluminum-free baking powder!

Cookies are available in our store or call now to order!

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